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Affiliate program

Would you like to make money while you give gifts to your friends? How? You can do it with us! Join us as a Distributor (or if you have already joined us, by editing your basic data change your registration type to Distributor). The system automatically generates a coupon code for you. This code will be the key for you to make money. Anyone can use it any time and as many times as they want. When you share this code with someone, that person receives a 10% discount from his/her current total order amount. So, all you have to do is to gift your friends and acquaintances with the 10% discount provided by your coupon. But how do you make money actually? You receive 10% commission after every purchase where your code was used. Your accumulated commission is transferred to your PayPal account once a month. That’s how you can make money. It’s that easy. Join us, popularise the code, give a lot of discounts, make a lot of money!