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Only people above age 18 are permitted to shop on the website. Shopping can be started after registration, which is free of charge. The shipping address provided during purchase may be different
from the default shipping address provided. We do not take any liability for damages and losses deriving from shipping. The product price does not include packaging costs and shipping costs, the sum of shipping and packaging costs depends on the amount of products ordered. The customer acknowledges that after payment there is no repurchase guarantee. Products that are ordered, but not forwarded to shipping can be cancelled within 24 hours. In case of permanent product shortage we offer a refund guarantee. To modify or cancel your order, please contact us by clicking on „Contact”.

Terms and Conditions
Please, if you purchaser and intends to be an active user of webáruházunknak, carefully read the Terms of Service and pick only in the case of use of our services, if you agree to all points, and binding effect in itself. The offer internet concluded but not signed a contract, whose contents filed, will be archived and subsequently available and retrievable. The registration number in each case a tracking number. The shop operation, we are at the disposal of specified contact us in case of ordering and delivery process in connection with issues!
operator data
The shop owner
Energopharma Kft.
6754 Újszentiván, Felszabadulas u. 7th
Mailing address:
6754 Újszentiván, Felszabadulas u. 7th
+36 20 504 21 00
E-mail address:
Tax registration number:
Company registration number:
Purchasing and supply terms and conditions established and its scope
Acceptance of the purchase and delivery terms and conditions by the Customer using the service web-premise. deemed to have accepted these conditions, if the customer ordered at least one product and order when finalizing their adoption.
The Operator does not assume any form of liability for errors resulting from performing specified by the customer faulty data. The name, address, phone and e-mail fields must be filled out in all cases, without such an order, the system can not accept. The web shop you can buy without registration.
Operator reserves the right to change the terms of the purchase and delivery in part or in full at any time. The purchase and delivery terms and its respective amendments enter into force upon publication. The purchase and delivery terms and conditions shall remain in force until the web service provides a web service.
The rights and obligations of Buyer
The 45/2014. Under Regulation (II. 26.) Government. rescind the purchase without any reason the customer within 14 days of receipt (product receipt). The purchaser's right of withdrawal by a clear statement in this regard, 45/2014 respectively. exercise using Annex 2 of Regulation (II. 26.) Government. It is located statement pattern.
The Customer may exercise the right of withdrawal period is the day of conclusion of the contract and the date of receipt of product from.
Receipt Date (product receipt) receiving point for the date of receipt of the order receipt, receipt date for delivery of the couriers. These central block receiving / invoice, respectively. the couriers received a receipt proved. Personal takeover mode does not preclude enforcement of the right of withdrawal.
In case of cancellation, send the product at his own expense to the Supplier (Energopharma Kft. 6754 Újszentiván, Liberation u. 7), and promptly, but no later than the product (s) will be refunded for the returned product (s) purchase price within 14 days after arriving back from.
Cash on delivery receipt of returned packages not a feasible option.
Handling customer complaints
In case of cancellation of purchase to take back the product within 14 working days of our receipt of the product, if it is undamaged, unopened. Damaged packaging, loose, incomplete product price is not refunded! If the purchase was made package (promotion within the framework of the purchase price more favorable product) and is a product have been separated, it is no longer considered to be intact in the product (package), so our repurchase obligation does not arise.
In the case of written withdrawal is sufficient to send the declaration of withdrawal within 14 working days, then send back the product. Our company paid no later than 30 days (after the product is returned) to the amount paid by the buyer; this process is borne exclusively by the purchaser to return the product cost. Our company may require compensation from the consumer loss from the improper use of the goods.
You can do any consumer complaints to our company, he dispatched an official letter by mail, phone or notify the nearest Consumer Protection Inspectorate directly.
Our company's mailing address
Energopharma Kft. - Újszeintiván 6754, Felszabadulas u. 7th
The Purchase Process
A free registration is permitted only webstore buying.
The purchase of the Operator shall record the following information in Megrendelőről: The Customer is required to identify the data: the customer's name, contact telephone number, mailing and billing address. In order to delivery of goods ordered Operator, the following information is the supplier or the supplier's representative shall: birth order, Customer name (including shipping from) the complete delivery address, the order amount, order number, order number and other contact.
How to order to the web store to browse, view and text content or basket to put the products are not required to register.
The range of products presented in the website does not constitute a legally binding operator for bidding, but as a non-binding online catalog for presenting the product assortment. The information, parameters, images, prices and contact information are indicative Operator contained therein shall not be liable for any errors, it reserves the right to change prices. You can view the catalog list-like product list, click on the name or image of a detailed datasheet of the specific product (product page) to the essential characteristics of the products contained in it. The web store product prices published by the gross prices, which are already included in the general sales tax. Prices per dosage unit.
the contractual relationship between the parties with respect to the Hungarian language is applicable. errors in the electronic lock step back into the web interface can be repaired prior to placing an order. The system will automatically calculate the shipping costs of the order amount. You can check the "Summary" in. To continue you must click on the "Checkout" button. Customer ordering the facts of each case receives telephone confirmation.
The Customer shall webshop ordered and delivered goods are delivered to the address given at the same time, aggregate purchase price and shipping costs stated on the invoice sent by the Energopharma Kft. You pay cash to the courier delivery.
Order steps
1. Select a product from the left or from any menu item.
The second number is located next presentation box, you must enter the amount 1pc default, then the shopping cart button next to it to click, which is a given quantity of the product to the basket.
3. Click the offer basket button or menu item to the shopping cart buttons that are located in the extensive shopping, where you can enter your personal information.
4. Enter a name and phone number are required. Postal address and account, and enter the email address is not required in order to go.
5. The fields are located under a chekcbox that the buyer must agree to purchase and transport conditions. It should be ticked. Underneath is finalizing the order button is clicked the order is finalized.
6. information detailing the surface of the order will be displayed that contains the order information, verified in a specified personal data.
7. After the order, you'll receive a confirmation call. It is important to make sure of the accuracy, since it is számlázára or delivered based on the information given in the article.
Each order confirmation. The cash on delivery of products ordered as a package, will be sent through the mail order service.
The pre-ordered product after the reference, the order is finalized, credit card or PayPal payment system to pay. The final price includes all costs and the order summary. A bill in the package to find it.
Upon receipt of the package make undamaged condition of the packaging. If you see signs of damage, or shows signs of resolution, you do not accept the package and make a written complaint to the futárnál! Subsequent, without complaint report shall not be accepted.
Home delivery
The delivery of the products Energopharma Kft. subcontractors have them carried out.
Shipping rates
The ordered products, including the shipping fee.
Delivery time
The deadline for delivery of products ordered from the dispatch of the package may be 1-7 business days. If the order is received by 12 pm on weekdays, and the product is in stock, delivery takes place on the next business day. Non-working days in order and, if more than 12 hours later, incoming orders for the delivery of the second working day happen. If the execution of the order for any reason encounters an obstacle, so our staff will contact immediately for further consultation with the Customer.
In case of any delay in delivery, or failure to complete the order the Supplier not subject to liability for damages. Supplier reserves the right to withdraw from the performance of the order if the product ordered is not available or because of other circumstances, the performance can not accept. In this case, immediately notify Buyer and performed in connection with the order payments are immediately reimbursed by the Client. Due to the cancellation of transport fulfillment can not be required to pay compensation.
Security & Privacy
The purchase used for identification, personal data Collection and use complies with the 2011 senior official in force. statutory data protection regulations. This shop customers data used for client liaison, we are not given to other persons. An exception is entering a contract is absolutely necessary data for express courier company to achieve delivery of the ordered products.
Customer data are treated with the controller according to § 6 (5). The disclosure is voluntary, give them the Customer Supplier for you. The disclosure is intended to transport the ordered goods to enable you to Buyer.
. During the data collection necessary to order the Energopharma Ltd, the following data sets, customers Name / Billing name, billing address, mailing address, electronic mail address, contact phone number, Special Requirements, VAT number for billing.
. For the orders delivered to Energopharma Ltd, the following data is the supplier or the supplier's representative shall: Customer's name, the complete delivery address, Special Requirements (possible acceptance dates), together with the amount of the order delivery fee (for cash on delivery order), Customer phone number.
Changing Personal Information
The personal data of the customer by e-mail or phone at any time to change or deleted the e-mail address.
Concluding remarks
The Energopharma Kft. Reserves the right to prices indicated on the website at any time (the existing orders do not apply to these orders fixing the prevailing price is required to deliver to the customer) and to its own discretion decide that you want to sell any product or take off the palette.